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I'm Marie-anne


My name is Marie-anne, pronounced [ mair-ee-an ]. There is a story as to why it is pronounced that way which I won't go into detail here. I am the European Gypsy Girl that instead of just chasing dreams, I decided to make them a reality.

I am what some people refer to as a multi-passionate entrepreneur, meaning that I have multiple streams of income based on things that I am passionate about, bring me joy, and make a positive impact in the world.

What are the things that make my heart pitter-patter?

There are a couple of companies that align with my values and that I love using the products and services from so I have an online health food store and a greeting cards service. Now when I say an online health food store, I'm talking about products that have made a huge impact on my life thru different health challenges and injuries which I do not have space here to share. It is the same with the greeting card service which has been an amazing tool in nurturing phenomenal relationships and reconnecting with loved ones.

I also have a creative side and that is where books starting with Release Your Inner Badass and Greetings From The Heart, as well as journals, workbooks, and a wide array of swag come into play.

And I believe that we all have something to teach and share with others which is how The Entrepreneur Corner was born. This may sound a quite a whole lot, and yet that isn't all. Being that this is just an introduction section, not another book, I better wrap it up.

I look forward to getting to know you and discovering if there are ways we can collaborate.

Stars during Nighttime


Stars during Nighttime



"Marie-anne is very knowledgeable and experienced in many areas of business. She is a great resource for all types of businesses."

Tamarra S.

Hawaii Gift Baskets

A true professional. You understand the critical role that building relationships and following up plays in growing a business, which pairs perfectly with the tools you offer. You couple your expertise with a warmth and authenticity that makes it a pleasure to know you. Your services save time for busy executives, business owners, and salespeople of all kinds…and offer that essential “follow up” piece that can truly turn prospects into paying, happy, customers who feel appreciated and remembered.

Angela M. - Arbonne Rep

"In a world where letters and cards seem like a thing of the past, Marie-anne proves that they still have power and put a much needed smile on people’s faces!"

Brian H.

Awesome Appliance Repair LLC

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